Friday, December 19, 2008

Cities announced?

These are being rumored by this FOX report.'s-place *

Dallas, Miami, Akron, Birmingham, Shreveport, Columbus (Ga.), Winston-Salem and Norfolk.

I like all cities except Miami and Dallas. Dallas is 100% Cowboys and Everyone is Dolphins 24/7.


James said...

What's wrong with Dallas? I live in the Dallas area and there are three Colleges (TCU, SMU, North Texas) in the area that play football. Prospects hoping the play at the next level can play close to home. Also, Cowboy tickets are expensive, and will go up even more with the new stadium being built. This is a good alternative for those who can't afford to go to a Cowboys game.

KW said...

Well Dallas fans eat,drink,and breathe Cowboys. So I thought a UNGL team wouldnt get much attention.