Sunday, March 29, 2009


Quoted from UNGL site-

Andrew Perna/RealGM - The UNGL (United National Gridiron League) announced last week that they will kick off their inaugural season on May 3, and they have taken the next step towards making that a reality by releasing their schedule of games.After pushing back their kickoff weekend, the UNGL is working very hard to get all of their ducks in nice, neat row and plans to intensify their efforts in the coming weeks.Part of that process which should silence any critics and relieve any worries after the initial delays -- is providing RealGM with the specifics of their seven-game slate.The UNGL 2009 Game ScheduleMay 3Ohio @ Virginia, 1:00 PM ESTLouisiana @ Georgia, 1: 00 PM ESTFlorida @ Alabama, 4:00 PM ESTNorth Carolina @ Texas, 4:00 PM ESTMay 10Georgia @ Virginia, 1:00 PM ESTNorth Carolina @ Florida, 1:00 PM ESTAlabama @ Texas, 4:00 PM ESTOhio @ Louisiana, 4:00 PM ESTMay 17Texas @ Georgia, 1:00 PM ESTAlabama @ Virginia, 1:00 PM ESTNorth Carolina @ Ohio, 4:00 PM ESTLouisiana @ Florida, 4:00 PM ESTMay 24Georgia @ North Carolina, 1:00 PM ESTVirginia @ Florida, 1:00 PM ESTTexas @ Louisiana, 4:00 PM ESTAlabama @ Ohio, 4:00 PM ESTMay 31Louisiana @ North Carolina, 1:00 PM ESTOhio @ Florida, 1:00 PM ESTVirginia @ Texas, 4:00 PM ESTGeorgia @ Alabama, 4:00 PM ESTJune 7Georgia @ Ohio, 1:00 PM ESTNorth Carolina @ Alabama, 1:00 PM ESTVirginia @ Louisiana, 4:00 PM ESTFlorida @ Texas, 4:00 PM ESTJune 14Virginia @ North Carolina, 1:00 PM ESTFlorida @ Georgia, 1:00 PM ESTLouisiana @ Alabama, 4:00 PM ESTTexas @ Ohio, 4:00 PM ESTWith the kickoff of it's first-ever season just weeks away, the UNGL plans to release a myriad of details over the next month including, but not restricted to coaches, stadiums, sponsors and their online television broadcast partners.

May 3rd is coming

Well I dont know what to say. They just keep pushing back. Who knows if players still want to play in this league. Theres only like 2000 fans that know about this league. They just keep screwing up......