Sunday, December 21, 2008

UNGL 101 Fan Forum created!!!!!

COME ON OVER. ITS ALL READY FOR SOME GREAT DISCUSSING. ITS FREE TO SIGN UP. This is something for all the great fans of my site.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Cities announced?

These are being rumored by this FOX report.'s-place *

Dallas, Miami, Akron, Birmingham, Shreveport, Columbus (Ga.), Winston-Salem and Norfolk.

I like all cities except Miami and Dallas. Dallas is 100% Cowboys and Everyone is Dolphins 24/7.

UNGL should except AFL players

With the closure of the AFL 2009 season there is going to be alot of free agents. Now the UNGL states that it wont take players who were on any proleague active roster(AFL, NFL, CFL). UNGL is losing an opportunity on a ton of players who would love to play in a developmental league.

Combine and Kickoff backed up a few days

Kickoff has been backed up to Feb. 8th

Combine backed up to Jan. 3-5

Now according to the league this is a good thing.

Not much of a push back.