Sunday, April 6, 2008


To all fans

If you could have a UNFL team anywhere where would it be. Leave a comment and tell me. I hope to have some inside news for you soon. I will collect data and hand it to the league so speak fans-where do you want your team playing!


Anonymous said...

Raleigh-Durham, NC.
I live about 30 minutes east and would love to see a UFL or UNFL team locate nearby.

KW said...

Ok thanks I will add that to my data. I would have one in Washington DC. I live 40 minutes away.

gatek99 said...

youngstown ohio.....its a football town, and can play in a 20,000 seat stadium

KW said...

Thankyou for your comment gatek99. That will become part of my data.

gatek99 said...


YSU football is 4 time national champion, also home to some of the greatest high school teams in the state. Cardinal Mooney was ranked high as 7th in the entire nation this past year.